About Corofy

Enabling growth by offering quality products and sustainable solutions to our customers and society by creating everlasting relations with our stake holders

To be the trustable brand for quality, consistency by offering valued added products to customers beyond the expectations.

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • People First
  • Safety
  • Environment

Corofy is a passionate team of enthusiasts who have developed expertise in Surfactant and Performance Chemicals.

We are established in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East Region, giving us an edge to meet efficient logistics & export operations connecting East and West.

We follow the philosophy of customer connect by understanding their challenges and offering them suitable solutions. We provide sustainable solutions by understanding customer challenges first. We focus on converting customer needs and demands into our products. Our product portfolio is the result of an approach towards customers.

For specific requirements, we welcome your inquiry or can request for product details.

We have manufacturing access of our products in UAE and Asian countries based our customized synthesis. We have become supply chain partners to our customers in Asia, Africa and North America with warehousing facility in UAE and India.

Corofy is offering Performance Chemicals, Ethoxylates and Surfactants to our customers along with Solutions. Our Chemistry widely covers wide range of Surfactants across various Industries and Solutions for Wetting, Dispersing and Performance Additives. With our team of Technical Expert and Lab facility access, we develop recipes and test custom formulations for our customers for final applications. We also develop substitute and innovative solutions with knowledgebase acquired through experience of solving challenges of customers in various market.